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Though etiquette is often seen as high society and for the entitled, it has been getting a bad rap. I believe etiquette is an equalizer. The purpose of etiquette is to give everyone the opportunity to play on the same field with the commonly accepted guidelines. The problem comes when expectations are unknown or are undecided due to modernization. The purpose of Everyday Manners is to build Personal Confidence and boost Social Civility. Let’s talk about it.

This blog is a place to gain some knowledge and get some tips. It is also a place to share your opinions and questions about the situations that annoy you, confuse you, or excite you. Please let me know if there are topics you would like to know more about, if there are questions you have never had answered to your satisfaction, or if there are situations you may have handled inappropriately. And please share any stories that shock or stun you and situations that touch your heart or make you proud. I could always use more personal examples to share with my audiences.

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Connecting with Others

In today’s technology and social media filled society, connecting and communicating with other people has taken a different shape. Telephone calls have been replaced by text messaging. Emails have replaced written letters. Conversations are now ideas, compliments, and criticisms tossed (somewhat anonymously) into cyberspace for others to grab at their leisure. Technology has made us […]

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Confidence is the belief that you’ll be successful in a particular situation or at a specific task. Those who lack confidence are less likely to join, to create, to contribute, and might be more willing to give in to outside influences. They might expect to fail at things they try, or to not try as hard […]

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Soft Skills Are Important in Work and in Life

Over the past couple of decades, I have worked in quite a few different arenas, including Human Resources (Shout out to Charles County Sheriff’s Office!). And I currently teach etiquette and communications skills to individuals, groups, and organizations. So, I have a pretty good idea of what employers are looking for when it comes to […]

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Why Learn About Etiquette?

Have you ever noticed that there are some people to whom you take an instant liking? You enjoy speaking with them and look forward to seeing them again. Being with them actually makes you feel better about yourself. Conversely, there are those who make you feel uncomfortable whenever you’re around them. While you may not […]

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Why Everyday Manners?

The idea of developing a company around civility, etiquette, and communication came to me in 2014. I did not know if anything such as this existed. I just thought it was needed, especially with today’s adolescents. I noticed that they were struggling to communicate with adults. They were regularly tethered to their technology. They did […]

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Ask Margar-etiquette about Forgiveness

Forgiving can sometimes seem impossible. But, by carrying that burden, it also makes it harder for us to move forward. Forgiving isn't about the other person.


Ask Margar-etiquette - Do I have to respect people who don't respect me?

As we enter the holiday season and are coming into contact with more customer service people who may or may not be professional or respectful. What is the ...


Margar-etiquette - Active Shooter Drills

Our schools are now holding regular "active shooter drills" like they do with fire drills. This is not normal! What causes one to get to this extreme violence against ...


Ask Margar-etiquette/What do you teach?

What do you teach at Everyday Manners? Dining etiquette...yes, but so much more. What is etiquette? How is learning it helpful?


Ask Margar-Etiquette/A Lil something in your teeth

Intro to Ask Margar-etiquette; What is etiquette? How do you tell someone you are talking to they have something on their face or in their teeth?

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Adulting is more than just getting to decide what time you go to bed, when to wake up, and who you want to hang out with. Adulting is about responsibility...taking care of your self, surroundings, and business. Need some assistance? Hit me up! #almostgrown #mannersmatter #LITA

CommonCourtesyTip#4 If you must be attached to your cell phone, please turn it on vibrate when at an event/meeting/meal with others. You can keep it in your lap and discreetly check when necessary. It's disrespectful to others to keep it audible. #MannersMatter #phonesoff #LITA

CommonCourtesyTip#3 When spreading your holiday cheer this season, remember not all are in a celebratory mood. Be cognizant of those mourning losses and those who are alone. #kindnessmatters #mannersmatter #happyholidays #LoveIsTheAnswer #everydaymanners #smilesandhugshelp

CommonCourtesyTip#2 Generally, the far left lane on an expressway/interstate is for passing, not setting the speed limit. Please allow others to get where they need to go. #slowertrafficstayright #mannersmatter #loveistheanswer #LITA

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