Our purpose at Everyday Manners is to provide individual, group, and corporate training in Etiquette, Communication, and Life Skills in an effort to build Personal Confidence and boost Social Civility.

Classes for Groups

Schedule a series, a workshop, or a seminar from a variety of topics for groups of any size.

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Individual Coaching

Personal, one-on-one guidance around your communication and etiquette requests/desires.

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Corporate Training

Highly personalized training for managers and employees to revive client centered mission.

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An engaging and personable speaker, Margarette’s presentations are tailored for your event.

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What Our Clients Say


When you are already uncomfortable in unfamiliar and difficult situations, having someone try to teach you how to get better at handling them can often lead to more discomfort. After all, they usually exhibit great confidence themselves, causing you to doubt yourself even more. This is why working with Margarette is a real game changer for so many. Her very nature and demeanor is calm and soothing, understanding, patient and supportive. This instantly allows you to be at ease and facilitates your learning and mastery of increased personal and professional confidence. Skilled and resourceful, I recommend her services unconditionally, and truly value the way she handles herself and her clients.

Abby Hirsch Phillips, Managing Partner

Creative Business Strategies

Making kids aware that manners and etiquette are important is an essential social skill that will help them to be successful throughout life. The Everyday Manners class with Margarette Coleman exposed our girls to etiquette they can use in any setting and they really had fun in the class!”

Valorie Burford

Author/Speaker, Mother of 3

My name is Helle Stampe and I have known and worked with Margarette for about 3 years now. Margarette Coleman was one of the first professional connections I made when I moved to the US in 2015. 3 words describing Margarette would be, confidence, value-add, and trust. She is deeply connected with her inner values, which means she is very truthful and honest in her approach. Working with Margarette and taking her advice instills great confidence in me. She delivers great value and I definitely trust her with my audience

Helle Stampe

Managing Partner of Insight Resources

“Margarette is full of energy and a true asset when it comes to bringing together training and consulting. We have collaborated on different projects and ideas and the passion she brings to the work she does is truly contagious.”

Chris Moody

Moody Pacific LLC

We engaged Margarette’s services to work with our 20-year-old nephew. In the span of a 6-week summer visit, Margarette was able to help Michael break through the tough outer layers of confusion and defense that had prevented him from communicating easily and with joy with the world around him. Lost in the world of video games, after the summer working with Margarette and supporting our efforts at home, Michael began to engage in thoughtful and thought-provoking conversations. He started opening up and moved away from one-word answers. He was able to lift his chin and look people in the eye and shake their hand. And since returning home, he was open and willing to engage a therapist. One year later, he has returned to college, and reached other milestones that we thought were lost to him. We are grateful to Margarette for her kindness, patience, and expertise. I recommend her services highly.

The Phillips Family

Let me start by saying the very concept of Everyday Manners is refreshing to me. Now, couple the concept of it with the brilliance and charisma of the company’s visionary and leader and satisfaction and gratification by clients is automatic. Margarette Coleman is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly smog-filled business culture. Her concept of teaching etiquette and communication to youth and young professionals for better environments and thus higher productivity is right on time. I highly recommend Everyday Manners.

Rory L. Christian

Media 528 Films, LLC

With her easy-going personality and welcoming smile, it is clear why Miss Margarette chose etiquette as her line of work. She has a way of making people comfortable in her presence and in unfamiliar settings. She has a love for people and how they respect themselves and others. This is reflected in how she thinks, speaks, and trains. I personally recommend Margarette Coleman and Everyday Manners every chance I get.

Sheryl Watford

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CommonCourtesyTip#4 If you must be attached to your cell phone, please turn it on vibrate when at an event/meeting/meal with others. You can keep it in your lap and discreetly check when necessary. It's disrespectful to others to keep it audible. #MannersMatter #phonesoff #LITA

CommonCourtesyTip#3 When spreading your holiday cheer this season, remember not all are in a celebratory mood. Be cognizant of those mourning losses and those who are alone. #kindnessmatters #mannersmatter #happyholidays #LoveIsTheAnswer #everydaymanners #smilesandhugshelp

CommonCourtesyTip#2 Generally, the far left lane on an expressway/interstate is for passing, not setting the speed limit. Please allow others to get where they need to go. #slowertrafficstayright #mannersmatter #loveistheanswer #LITA

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