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Like many skills that drive business success, business etiquette skills must be learned, developed and consistently reinforced and improved. This requires training.

Because business etiquette is all about interpersonal dynamics in the context of diverse customer and employee populations and cultures, a textbook, off-the-shelf approach to this learning process will likely yield disappointing results. Business etiquette requires customized training.

 That’s why the Everyday Manners’ approach begins and ends with you. You are the center of our initial training customization. We begin with the objective of fully understanding your business etiquette needs, not in isolation, but within the context of your culture, mission, longer-term strategy and more immediate aspirations. We do not assess from a distance. We engage, and we listen.

When you are satisfied that we have enough understanding of who you are and what is important, we will then jointly explore and prioritize opportunities, agree on how best to measure progress and identify success, and establish a framework to move forward. Before any training takes place, we will develop a plan customized to your needs, in line with your priorities.

Let’s get started!

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The following questions will help us develop future programming. Your input is appreciated.
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Adulting is more than just getting to decide what time you go to bed, when to wake up, and who you want to hang out with. Adulting is about responsibility...taking care of your self, surroundings, and business. Need some assistance? Hit me up! #almostgrown #mannersmatter #LITA

CommonCourtesyTip#4 If you must be attached to your cell phone, please turn it on vibrate when at an event/meeting/meal with others. You can keep it in your lap and discreetly check when necessary. It's disrespectful to others to keep it audible. #MannersMatter #phonesoff #LITA

CommonCourtesyTip#3 When spreading your holiday cheer this season, remember not all are in a celebratory mood. Be cognizant of those mourning losses and those who are alone. #kindnessmatters #mannersmatter #happyholidays #LoveIsTheAnswer #everydaymanners #smilesandhugshelp

CommonCourtesyTip#2 Generally, the far left lane on an expressway/interstate is for passing, not setting the speed limit. Please allow others to get where they need to go. #slowertrafficstayright #mannersmatter #loveistheanswer #LITA

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