Why Learn About Etiquette?

Have you ever noticed that there are some people to whom you take an instant liking? You enjoy speaking with them and look forward to seeing them again. Being with them actually makes you feel better about yourself. Conversely, there are those who make you feel uncomfortable whenever you’re around them. While you may not be able to put your finger on the exact reason, as soon as you start talking to such a person, you wish that you were somewhere else. Often, these reactions are caused by the other individual’s mastery (or lack thereof) of social guidelines.
Understanding how to behave in different situations is key to being a professional. This professional is comfortable in a variety of environments and is able to make those around her comfortable as well. While it may seem as though she has some inherent capability for knowing exactly how to behave in different situations and how to interact with diverse individuals, this is not the case. In fact, the big secret is that people are not born with poise: it is actually a learned skill. And it is not a difficult one. The skill comes from learning expectations and guidelines of social settings and by building confidence through experience. While etiquette may seem like a daunting discipline, it’s really quite simple, centering upon respect, consideration for others, and civility. This means that with a bit of awareness, training, and practice, you too can know just what to say and do in all sorts of circumstances.
Share an experience that was uncomfortable, unfamiliar, or difficult where you just didn’t know how to behave appropriately. What were your concerns? How did you handle it? What were the results of the situation?

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Adulting is more than just getting to decide what time you go to bed, when to wake up, and who you want to hang out with. Adulting is about responsibility...taking care of your self, surroundings, and business. Need some assistance? Hit me up! #almostgrown #mannersmatter #LITA

CommonCourtesyTip#4 If you must be attached to your cell phone, please turn it on vibrate when at an event/meeting/meal with others. You can keep it in your lap and discreetly check when necessary. It's disrespectful to others to keep it audible. #MannersMatter #phonesoff #LITA

CommonCourtesyTip#3 When spreading your holiday cheer this season, remember not all are in a celebratory mood. Be cognizant of those mourning losses and those who are alone. #kindnessmatters #mannersmatter #happyholidays #LoveIsTheAnswer #everydaymanners #smilesandhugshelp

CommonCourtesyTip#2 Generally, the far left lane on an expressway/interstate is for passing, not setting the speed limit. Please allow others to get where they need to go. #slowertrafficstayright #mannersmatter #loveistheanswer #LITA

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