Soft Skills Are Important in Work and in Life

Over the past couple of decades, I have worked in quite a few different arenas, including Human Resources (Shout out to Charles County Sheriff’s Office!). And I currently teach etiquette and communications skills to individuals, groups, and organizations. So, I have a pretty good idea of what employers are looking for when it comes to soft skills. Soft skills are sometimes referred to as people skills, communication skills, personal skills, or emotional intelligence. But the gist is pretty much the same. How well do you deal with personal and professional interactions? These differ from “hard skills” in that they are not technical or task-oriented skills that are part of job training, nor are they measured for credentials or advancement. Soft skills have everything to do with your demeanor, your mindset, and how you choose to communicate with others.
Here are a few soft skills that can help in your professional and your personal life:
1. Interpersonal/Communication Skills
2. Adaptability/Flexibility
3. Teamwork/Ability to Collaborate
4. Time/Project Management
5. Problem Solving
These and other soft skills are important because they make you pleasant to work with and to be around. They are portable and valuable for both future employment and personal relationships. Though you may never master a skill, there are always ways to improve them. That keeps you learning and growing as a person. Because, though hard skills can be taught, soft skills make you who you are. Let’s continue growing into ourselves!
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