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For All

At Everyday Manners we teach etiquette, manners, and communication skills to help individuals or teams be more confident in uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and/or difficult situations.

Yes, we work with individual adults, couples, and established groups and organizations. Each training/workshop is customized for the needs and desires of the person or group.

We generally do not take anyone younger than 7. We need them to be able to read and sit still for 15 minutes or more.

Teenagers are in a major transition stage of life, from being a child to becoming an adult. Everyday Manners can ease some of the difficulties of that transition by teaching essential skills in communication (conversation, interviewing, networking, etc.) that will allow them to be confident in any social or professional situation. Along this journey, basic (and expected) guidelines of etiquette will be covered to polish any rough edges when out in the world and connecting with others. The benefits of this training far outlive this stage of life. With regular incorporation of these skills in everyday contact with others, these skills become a natural part of life long adulting. We offer customized individual or small group training on the teenagers’ schedules.

For Businesses


  • Increases employee morale, and therefore, decreases employee turnover
  • Increases customer satisfaction, thereby increasing return customers and referrals
  • Facilitates more natural and composed relations with clients which, in turn, creates bonds and loyalty to your business

Individually creates smoother communication transactions in all aspects of life – professionally, socially, and personally – which results in improved comfort and confidence in societal situations.

What Everyday Manners Training & Consulting offers is a personal, customizable program that fits the needs of this particular client. An assessment of issues and behaviors reveals what is needed in the particular department/team. And those are the matters that are addressed for that specific business.

This is a common concern, especially with job hopping on the rise. The initial consultation includes discovering the best route to be taken for the assessment. Possible options are: a survey, an observation (open or covert), a pre-training didactic dialog, or by the leadership’s qualified suggestion.

Leadership might send an employee for training to learn a new program, to gain knowledge in a specific area of their job, or to enhance their skills for upward mobility. Training in communication skills and business and personal etiquette delivers the same results. Businesses are built from the people that represent them. If employees do not exhibit the communication skills, grace, and courtesy the company declares, then the business is not living up to its own standards. Clients recognize this and act on it, with or without the knowledge of management, which will have a negative effect on the company’s bottom line.

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Adulting is more than just getting to decide what time you go to bed, when to wake up, and who you want to hang out with. Adulting is about responsibility...taking care of your self, surroundings, and business. Need some assistance? Hit me up! #almostgrown #mannersmatter #LITA

CommonCourtesyTip#4 If you must be attached to your cell phone, please turn it on vibrate when at an event/meeting/meal with others. You can keep it in your lap and discreetly check when necessary. It's disrespectful to others to keep it audible. #MannersMatter #phonesoff #LITA

CommonCourtesyTip#3 When spreading your holiday cheer this season, remember not all are in a celebratory mood. Be cognizant of those mourning losses and those who are alone. #kindnessmatters #mannersmatter #happyholidays #LoveIsTheAnswer #everydaymanners #smilesandhugshelp

CommonCourtesyTip#2 Generally, the far left lane on an expressway/interstate is for passing, not setting the speed limit. Please allow others to get where they need to go. #slowertrafficstayright #mannersmatter #loveistheanswer #LITA

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